Privacy Policy

Our website user privacy is most important for us. So, that's why we prepared a very simple privacy policy on this website.

No data collection:

We didn't collect your data upon any circumstances, you are free to use this website without having an issue with the privacy policy. We did collect your email whenever you comment on our post but never be shared with anyone else.

What information we automatically collect:

We collect data just like a third-party service provider (advertising and analytics provider ). We collect certain information from your device and web browser when you access the service. Each time when you access our website we and third-party access your MAC address and IP address and where you access our web page, this thing helps us to improve our services on this website

Local Storage and Cookies:

Local storage and cookies may be accessed on your device when you first access the website. A cookie sent to your web browser to identify it uniquely. Cookies are the small files that send to your web browser and usually do by any other service provider.

Contact Us:

For contact us, you can follow us on Facebook and send any queries if you have any.

Thank you for visiting this website.

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