Sunday, 30 July 2017

Iphone 8 New Leaks

                                    : IPHONE 8 LEAKS :

 Apple this time done a lot of work on their upcoming smartphone the IPHONE 8. And this result be the best design ever made by Apple. Here are the picture of the new Iphone 8


Iphone 8 is coming this year. And more and more leaks we got everyday as their are a lot of new leaks regarding the design of the new Iphone 8. As we take the idea from above picture that Iphone 8 is now come with the reduced bezels and a display of 5.8 inch rounded corners and edges like the Galaxy S8. But leaks are leaks we yet not confirmed this kind of design but hope so this design is the final design of the new Iphone 8.There are a hands-on leak of the new Iphone 8 you should watch it

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