Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 Special Edition

                              Samsung Galaxy S8 Special Edition :

As you know about that Galaxy S8 is been offically announced on 29 March 2017. But you might not know about the special edition of galaxy s8.

Difference b/w Galaxy S8 And S8 Special Edition :

The main and only difference b/w the Galaxy S8 and S8 special edition is to be the ram only.
Galaxy S8 has a 4GB Ram and S8 + also has the same 4GB Ram. But the special edition of Galaxy S8 is with the 6GB Ram. This is the only difference b/w s8 and s8 special edition.

Price :

Galaxy S8 special edition is around 1000$. Galaxy S8 simple is around 750$ and Galaxy S8 plus is around 850$. Around 250$ extra for 2GB ram.

Country Launch :

The phone is been launching in korea and also in china. This special edition is launching in korea and also china.
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